How to Leverage the Power of Mobile Payments and Grow Your Business

mPOS system - mobile payments

Mobile payments, mobile checkout and mobile point of sale have been hot-button topics across the retail ecosystem for the past few years. In 2018, they are more relevant than ever.

As merchants evolve, both from an in-store and online perspective, the ability to conduct business while on-the-go has become an invaluable asset for business leaders looking to strategically manage, track and report on customer transaction activity in real-time. Richer analytics, thanks to innovations across the mobile commerce industry, have paved the way for merchants to take full advantage of the benefits of integrating mPOS systems.

For merchants looking to innovate their business practices through enhanced security measures, better customization, and more control over transaction records, mobile-point-of-sale solutions are the place to start. Gone are the days where legacy POS systems restrict businesses from integrating the latest and greatest technology in the marketplace. Instead, mPOS solutions allow merchants to be more nimble, more secure and evolve at the rate of the rest of the industry.

Innovating with mPOS: Security Benefits

The first reason to invest in a mobile-point-of-sale device is the added security features. From end-to-end encryption, secure user logins, and authorizations, faster mobile credit card processing, to the latest in PCI standards, the right mPOS solution can ensure your business is up-to-date with the security credentials necessary to keep you and your customers safe.

A mobile-point-of-sale solution not only gives you better insights into transaction activity occurring across all your channels, but it also provides you with peace of mind that you are always in the know about potential gaps across your payments system. Once your POS gets breached, it’s far more expensive playing cleanup to safeguard the stolen data. A mPOS solution will provide a more proactive security approach for your business and deliver the necessary insights to protect your organization across each channel.

Innovating with mPOS: Workflow Benefits

Merchants today shouldn’t have to settle for a system that doesn’t put them in control. Your point-of-sale hardware and software is the gateway to growing your business’ revenues, which means you should have the ability to fully control your own systems’ daily activities. With the right mPOS solution, merchants have fully control their transaction data and the ability to manage all of your devices from one single touchpoint.

Having full control matters from both an internal and external perspective. Internally, you can share data across devices, and disable devices as needed. This means that no matter where you physically are, you can have full access to your business’ daily activity. Externally, you can share necessary documents with customers, including the ability to securely text, email, and print transaction receipts.

Innovating with mPOS: Customer Benefits

Besides the ability to provide your customers with quick-access digital receipts, mPOS devices allow you to innovate your customization process with each customer. With the ability to integrate technology that enables you to customize data fields to match each user, merchants can tailor their checkout solutions to their needs of each specific customer.

Working with a full-service mPOS solution helps merchants better integrate recurring billing, process payments efficiently offline, and work seamlessly on Android, iPad, and iPhone credit card readers. Having diversity in user interfaces, and in accepted payment methods helps show your customers you are equipped to meet their needs. Choosing a mPOS system allow you to accept innovative payment methods, such as mobile and contactless. This is beneficial from a practical standpoint and a customer acquisition strategy.

Innovating with mPOS: Better Flexibility

All of the above benefits collectively add up to one key feature that all merchants should care about most: Flexibility. With the ability to transact on-the-go, settle records anytime and anywhere, and have richer interactions with your customers, a mPOS solves for multiple friction-points that merchants commonly face.

Flexibility means having the ability to adapt to new trends in the marketplace, integrate upgraded security protocols, and customize solutions that match your customer’s needs on a more personal level. With the ability to accept credit cards, debit cards, EMV, and mobile payments anytime and anywhere, working with a mobile payments processing solutions provider like goEMerchant, for example, provides the necessary mPOS integration solutions that are simple, secure, and affordable for businesses of all sizes.