The Benefits of Integrating QuickBooks with Your Payment Processing

QuickBooks is the number one bookkeeping and accounting software program for small businesses, and for good reason. With its powerful features and its user-friendly design, the program greatly simplifies reconciling accounts, processing payroll and other key financial functions. Integrating QuickBooks with your POS software allows you to do even more with your financial software. We’ve listed six benefits you’ll receive by integrating your merchant account with QuickBooks.


1. You’ll Save Time.

With QuickBooks integration, it’s possible to process sales without ever leaving your financial software environment. Both card present and card not present transactions can be processed with the best QuickBooks plug-ins, meaning that both brick-and-mortar and online businesses can benefit from the time-saving aspect of integration.


2. You’ll Have More Accurate Customer Records.

QuickBooks integration makes it possible to update the client database within your accounting software system simply by swiping a card. As soon as a purchase is made, you’ll have the customer’s name, address and credit card information stored. Information will update in real time, so other users will see the most recent data for a customer when they access the system. No one will ever have to wonder if the info on the screen is out of date again.


3. You Can Supply Your Customers with more Detailed Receipts.

Once you have QuickBooks integrated with your POS system, you can use the sales receipts in your accounting software program more easily. Whether you’re presenting the receipts at the terminal, including them in an order to be shipped or e-mailing or mailing them, your customers will appreciate the well-organized, easy-to-read receipts.


4. You Can Reduce the Risk of Fraud.

The best QuickBooks POS plug-ins have fraud reduction features built-in to help you process transactions through QuickBooks more safely. An Address Verification Service can help you double check that the address provided by the customer is genuine before you ship merchandise. If it’s not, you’ll have the chance to double check before you process an order and end up potentially becoming a victim of fraud.


5. You’ll Cut Down on Errors.

QuickBooks integration allows sales information to be recorded directly from the sale. You or your bookkeeper will no longer have to manually enter data that has already been processed through your POS system. This of course saves you time, but it also eliminates the risk of data entry errors that can end up causing hassles and even costing you money down the road.


6. You’ll be Able to Adapt to Your POS System Faster.

If your staff is already using QuickBooks, integration means not having to retrain your team to use new software. They’ll have a much easier time adapting to the new way of processing sales, meaning transactions can be processed more quickly right from the start.


GoEmerchant offers a powerful QuickBooks plug-in that makes it possible to process credit card sales and ACH payments within your accounting software. Even complex transactions, voids and returns can be performed without leaving QuickBooks, and your business will benefit from the additional fraud profiling and Address Verification Services. Contact us today to find out more about our fully QuickBooks-compatible payment solutions.