Online Donations in Facebook

Expand Your Online Fundraising
Go Social – Go Viral!

Embed our Donation Page in Facebook to exponentially increase your online fundraising with a Social & Viral Marketing campaign.

The GoEmerchant Donation Page system can now automatically embed a Donation Page in Facebook.  This is an industry first and can significantly increase fundraising.

As your donors spread the news of your cause; new & existing donors can now easily make donations directly in Facebook without having to navigate to your website and find the donation page.  This new powerful tool significantly increases fundraising by making it convenient for donors to immediately make a safe, secure decision to support your cause.

GoEmerchant has created the tools and systems to create a Facebook application which can be implemented in a few minutes.  No programming skills are required and this feature is included free at no additional cost.

Learn more about our new GoEmerchant Facebook app.

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