Jump Start the Giving Season  

There are over 1.6 Million nonprofits registered with the IRS processing over $200 Billion annually.   Between 2001 & 2011 the number of nonprofits increased 25%. The growth rate for the nonprofit sector has surpassed both business and government.

Boost Donations with our convenient fundraising tools.Combine the power of GoEmerchant’s robust donation pages with full social media integration and M+Terminal mobile payments to accept recurring donations anytime – anywhere.Now you can automatically embed a donation page in Facebook.  In addition, our donation pages have the ability to link to Facebook to support FB Likes and boost the power of a viral fundraising campaign.

M+Terminal mobile payments easily accepts recurring donations at your fundraising events and anywhere your volunteers are networking with potential donors.  Also, Capture custom data to market to your donors and increase your fundraising potential.

The combination of online Viral Social Media marketing, a Facebook Donation Page and the M+Terminal mobile recurring payments will exponentially expand awareness of all fundraising campaigns and increase donations.

Learn How to Exponentially Expand Fundraising!

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