How ISVs Benefit from Integrated Payments

ISVs semi integrated emv payments

Many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) have learned the value of leveraging payment processing to scale their customer base. In today’s fast-paced ecosystem, this means implementing payments processing solutions that can easily be integrated into existing platforms.

By working with the right integrated payment gateway provider, ISVs enable their clients to expand payments processing capabilities beyond just basic settlement tasks. Instead, an integrated payment processing service provider equips ISVs with the ability to process, reconcile and record payments into an existing platform interface. Of course, like everything in the world of payments, not all systems are created equal. The key to choosing the right integrated payment processing solution boils down to a few key factors.

Industry-Leading Security Features

An ideal payment processing solution for ISVs should be PCI compliant and offer point-to-point encryption (P2PE) to protect cardholder data. Data security is a huge priority, regardless of how payments are conducted. The best integrated payment solutions come fully equipped with these built-in security features to eliminate unnecessary hassle and friction for ISVs and their customers. An integrated payments system will help ISVs to achieve these goals.

Across the mainstream payments ecosystem, tokenization and encryption have stolen the spotlight as the security standards that are non-negotiable. For B2B payments, the same rings true. Beyond those features, it’s important to look for payment processing solutions that offer more sophisticated tools, such as a secure card vault and embedded IFrame security. ISVs should also work with an EMV-certified payment processor to handle the integration. This reduces your liability as a business, eliminates the need to get your EMV card brand certification and increases the overall security of your systems.

Seamless, Simple Onboarding

Integrated payments create a straightforward path to process, reconcile and record payments. But before businesses take advantage of these benefits, they must find a payments processing provider that helps ISVs onboard and integrate payment systems seamlessly.

Look for features like a full-stack payment gateway and a developer’s sandbox to help your IT team test transactions in a live sandbox environment to get real-time responses. You should also look for a partner that can customize your entire payments experience and can do so in a way that follows PCI compliance guidelines to reduce your compliance burden. All of this together matters when selecting an integrated payment processing solution to benefit your own customer experience.

Enhanced Developer APIs

One pitfall ISVs want to avoid when choosing a payment processing partner in not considering how developer APIs fit into the mix. Because the developer’s toolbox is vital for an ISV to take full advantage of integrated payment processing, it’s important to consider what APIs are available to make the entire experience more seamless. For example, when working with GoEMerchant, ISVs have access to its full stack REST Gateway API and knowledge base, which is built to help developers better integrate payment processing solutions.

By working with an integrated payment processing solution that offers REST APIs and developer tools, ISVs are equipped to help their clients enable a mobile app, POS software or online storefront accept and manage credit card payments more efficiently. ISVs should look for a payment processing partner that offers boutique-style support, a dedicated integration team and the ability to work easier with your developer team. From there, ISVs can enjoy benefits like the ability to drop in code faster (JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, WCF SDKs) to ease integration.

Faster EMV Payment Integration

For merchants who aren’t EMV-compliant, the time to play catchup has come. Integrated EMV is vital for ISVs looking to improve the ability to provide secure solutions to their customers. With rising fears of card data breaches, achieving better, faster EMV integration for ISVs matters now more than ever. Better EMV integration will offer ISVs clients more secure payment processing, but it will help protect yourself and your business’ bottom line.

You’ll want to choose an EMV solution provider that helps you integrate EMV in a matter of days, instead of tackling the process over an extended period-of-time. ISVs should look for a partner that offers a software development kit (SDK) to ensure the data from the POS is routed for EMV transactions. You’ll also want a solution that comes with 24/7 tech support and offers practical guidance anytime you need help, even after the integration is complete. By working with a partner like goEmerchant to integrate EMV for ISVs, you’ll have experts involved in each step of the process.


Are you an ISV looking for an integrated payment processing partner? We can provide your team with sales support, integration help, tech support, hardware support, and ISV/VAR support. We view our role in the process as an extension of your team, ensuring the integration is successful in doing what it’s designed to do: protecting your business, your data, and your customers from outside threats. Get started as an ISV partner today!