iPad POS – 1stPayPOS at Coffee Fest 2013



1stPayPOS™ is the ideal solution for coffee shops, empowering the owner to grow his or her business with robust analytics and remote reporting.  1stPayPOS™ was engineered as a turnkey solution for coffee shops and is available as a downloadable free App from the Apple App Store.

Benefits to Coffee Shop Owners from our iPad Point of Sale:

        Elegant Point of Sale

  • Impress your Customers
  • Customers will notice and appreciate the new technology
  • Perception of being on the leading edge

        Ease of Use

  • Training is quick and dependable
  • User-friendly
  • Speeds up checkout time
  • System is versatile, adaptable and customizable
  • Free Application Updates

        Robust Analytics

  • Make Better Business Decisions
  • Remote reporting
  • Monitor cashiers
  • Track your sales
  • Comparative analytics
  • Keep track of tips

        Feature Rich

  • Cloud-Based Reporting – access portal from anywhere, anytime
  • Customized Product Modifiers
  • Split Tender
  • Order Hold Option
  • Cash Management
  • User-Based Permissions
  • Automatic Calculation of Sales Tax and Change Due
  • Tip Processing
  • Customized Discounts

        Safety and Security of the Cloud

  • PCI-DSS Compliant
  • End-to-End Proprietary Encryption
  • Minimize outside threats
  • Administrator has more control of settings
  • Cloud Server Backup – protection from unforeseen circumstances

        Work with a Trusted POS Partner

  • Over 18 years’ experience
  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Thousands of Successful Merchants
  • Unlimited 24x7x365 Boutique-style US-Based Support

Come visit us at Coffee Fest 2013 in Seattle, October 4-6, at Booth 736

Request a Demo. Call us at 888-638-7867 or sales@goemerchant.com