How to Find and Attract the Best Talent for Your Retail Business

One of the biggest strategic advantages a business can gain is attracting the best talent. Finding employees with the right fit and skill level can be a challenge, but there are ways you can make the process easier. Here are several practices and guides you should consider adopting at your retail business.

When you begin your employee search, consider demographics such as age and gender. Many hourly workers desiring a retail position fall under the age of 35. More than a third of this segment fall within the 18-24 age range; half of them are also women. When you understand your job seeker demographics, you can better tailor your ads and work descriptions to match their interests.

In addition to demographics, it is also important to understand the factors that influence retail job seekers when evaluating a particular position. There are several conditions and benefits workers look into. These include work hours, pay, bonuses, opportunities for growth, and job location. When it comes to long-term expectations, nearly half of hourly workers expect to remain in a particular position for three years or less. Consider these factors and include information about how they will play out at your particular job offering.

Do you offer flexible work shifts? This is a question you can expect retail job seekers to ask. Many talented employees prefer a job that is accommodating to their schedule. If you advertise flexible hours, you may have a better chance of attracting talented employees over your competitors. With the knowledge of having a flexible schedule, employees tend to exhibit better performance over time.

Wages are an additional factor that retail job seekers inquire about. With retail jobs carrying a reputation of being low-wage positions, many workers would consider hourly pay at or slightly above the minimum wage to be a fair deal. Before you post those job ads, consider how much you can afford for the best talent. If you offer a higher rate than your competitors, you can attract more skilled and diligent employees. In addition to wages, you can also offer benefits such as bonus programs or commission incentives.

Is your business located at an accessible, convenient location? This is a significant factor for employees considering retail jobs. Often, many retail workers think about whether their place of work is close to home, or a reliable source of public transportation. In your job ads, provide information about your location as well. You can add information such as proximity to restaurants, convenience stores, banks, schools, tourist spots, and more.

Retail employees often receive discounts or other pricing advantages at their place of work. This is something to consider when you are advertising your open position. Many workers prefer to have a discount or a monthly voucher for products from their workplace. If you are running a promotion or discount program, be sure to emphasize it in your job ads. This can be influential when potential job candidates compare your position to that of a competitor.

Once you start pushing applications out there, consider the many technological tools you have. Using the right technology can connect you with the most talented employees. Many retail job-seekers turn to mobile apps to find their current jobs, with another significant percentage going on desktop computers. The percentage of phone users is even higher for Millennials. If you want to make your jobs available to the widest range of talent, then post them on websites that also run mobile apps.

Lastly, it is important to be responsive to your job candidates whether you plan to hire them or not. Employer responsiveness has been a major concern for many hourly employees, often being one of the biggest complaints during job searches. People appreciate being contacted back by the employer with a decision. Even if they are not hired, being informed allows job seekers to move on more quickly with their search instead of waiting around and wondering. It is especially important to follow up with individuals who have had an interview.

Now that you have read about these recommendations, consider integrating them into your employee search process. The growth of a retail business depends on the quality and work ethic of its personnel. By having the right systems in place to attract talent, your business has a higher chance of sustaining success and being competitive well into the future.