How to Create Amazing Videos for Your Business (7 Video Production Tools)

According to research from KPCB, online video will account for 74% of all internet traffic by the end of 2017. It will become increasingly difficult to reach your audience online without at least some video content for your brand. Developing professional videos can be time-consuming and expensive, and the homemade style that comes from doing it yourself may not be appropriate for every market.

The introduction of quality video creation tools has opened up the potential for every small business to make incredible videos without a professional camera or studio. While there are many new tools available, the following are some of the most efficient, user-friendly, and affordable options.



Animoto is a simple tool with enough flexibility to satisfy the needs of most marketers. The process involves choosing a video style and song, adding content, and editing it to suit your needs. You can make use of advanced video styles or keep it simple, with different pricing levels offering additional options.



Shakr is perfect for people with no knowledge of video creation and editing. The product features many video styles that help you start the process. After choosing the appropriate style, with options in diverse categories like business, fashion, travel, and much more, you can simply add images and video to the layout with a drag and drop editor.



VideoMakerFX offers a variety templates in styles ranging from a whiteboard presentation to a product sales letter. While it might not include as many features or music tracks as some other tools, it can be purchased for a low single fee instead of the typical monthly subscription model. VideoMakerFX offers an easy way to turn your generic slideshows into attractive productions.



GoAnimate is a product for people looking to create animated videos. The product includes many templates, characters, and settings so that you can build stories, presentations, and advertisements in no time. You can quickly choose an appropriate industry from the collection, develop a character, and add your voice to the presentation, with the result being an animated video that would have required great skill and investment to produce in the recent past.



Whiteboard animations are perfect for presentations and tutorials that require some extra flair. A hand will draw graphics on the whiteboard, with additional animated features enhancing the presentation. With a vast library of elements, VideoScribe makes it easy to create stylish presentations.


Content Samurai

Content Samurai has been built around intelligent voice and image technology, removing most of the complicated tasks from the process. To get started quickly, upload an article or presentation, let the software segment it into individual slides, sync with a vast selection of images, and add music or a voice narration. The product then processes the information into a downloadable video file.



Flixpress lets you choose from various style templates, including ads, slideshows, presentations, introductions, and business promotions. The quick process involves selecting your template, amending the text and images, and editing the final product. You can also make use of the video, audio, and graphics libraries, adding professional elements to the content.


Learning to film professional videos is a skill that can benefit everyone, but it is not always worth the time and investment. You could also outsource video creation, though there is usually a premium on good content. Video production software is an excellent alternative that can help you create incredible video content for your business in no time. Short presentations, online tutorials, and news can all be enhanced with the best software, turning a plain presentation into a captivating video. If you have been putting off developing videos due to the cost or learning curve involved, these video creation tools could be a game changer for your business.