4 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Improve Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

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Your company is busier than ever. Your sales have been solid and you’re well on your way toward a particularly profitable year. You know you should do something to highlight your company’s holiday spirit for November and December, but you’re not quite sure where to start. There are plenty of ways you can tweak your traditional marketing efforts to highlight your business’ jovial mood, and some won’t cost you a penny. Review the following four fabulous holiday marketing options to see which ones will work best for business:


1. Create a seasonal Pinterest board for your company.
Share images of your holiday decorations, staff members in festive garb, or the latest products you’ve brought into stock specifically for the Christmas season. Add festive quote images to round out your collection and you’ll have a holiday board perfectly poised to bring seasonal cheer to potential customers. Don’t forget to highlight local events and add relevant keywords to attract local customers to your Pinterest board and your business.


2. Consider hosting an after-hours holiday event for your customers.
Let interested guests register for your gathering in the weeks preceding the event by offering a drop box for their business cards or registration forms. Showcase new products you’ll soon be launching or highlight stock arrivals slated for spring and summer. The holidays are an extremely busy time for many people; make sure your event is enticing enough that interested parties will make time for it in their cramped schedules.


3. Host an event with all proceeds going to a local charity.
Check with local non-profit organizations to see what their greatest need is, and then tailor your event specifically for those needs.


4. Create a seasonal video and post your creation to YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.
The funnier you make your video, the better the chances are of social shares. If you don’t want to make your own Christmas video, consider a crowdsourced video contest among your customers. The best submission can win a gift certificate from your business. Not only will your customers have fun connecting with your company, you’ll have plenty of user-generated content for your company’s YouTube channel.


Adjusting your businesses marketing strategy for the holiday season doesn’t have to be tough if you’re willing to be creative with your approach. Think of options that would resonate with your customer base and yet still offer a reasonable ROI for your business. With a little effort and ingenuity, you’re sure to conjure up all sorts of fabulous ideas to tweak your marketing plans for the festive season.