How Your Non-Profit Can Benefit from New Payment Technologies

Non profit online donation

As a nonprofit that relies on donations to operate, raising funds is always a top priority for your organization. The easier it can be to contribute to your cause, the more likely you are to be able to seize the opportunity when prospective donors are ready to give. Innovative new payment technologies make it easier to accept contributions in a variety of settings.

Here are just a few ways that your non-profit can benefit from the latest payment innovations:


  1. Increase Spending at Auctions

Auctions can be highly profitable for charities, but payments can be a barrier to generating revenue. Many organizations will allow bidders and those who wish to buy, a chance to provide a check, but the number of people carrying checkbooks is on the decline. A Federal Reserve Cash Products Office Study found that from 2000 to 2012, the rate of check-writing plummeted from 40 billion transactions per year to 20 billion and predicted that the trend would only continue in the future.

Mobile terminals that allow you to accept payments anywhere make it possible for event attendees to pay with the most popular method–credit cards. Knowing that they can just swipe a card to settle the amount owed at the end of the event, bidders are more likely to spend. A mobile terminal can also be used to sell tickets for events at the door, raffle tickets, and merchandise for fundraisers.


  1. More Ways to Donate at Collection Boxes

Collection boxes placed in businesses and public places can provide considerable revenue for charities, but with fewer people carrying cash, most organizations find their boxes filled primarily with coins. With the advent of NFC payments, it is now possible to allow prospective donors to contribute simply by tapping their phones against a box.

With mobile payments, your charity can begin to receive larger donations deposited into your bank account with no need to visit the collection box or count currency. The NFC payment systems also prevent theft. No information is stored on the card reader itself, so even if a would-be criminal takes off with the box, there is no risk to your organization or your donors.

NFC collection boxes are already being used by non-profit organizations around the world. Blue Cross UK has added contactless payment systems to vests worn by dogs that the organization takes to events.


  1. Simple Online Contributions

More and more people are contributing to charities online. The M+R 2015 Benchmark Study on online fundraising found that in just one year online giving increased by 13 percent with traffic for nonprofit websites increasing by 11 percent.

REST API payment gateways make it possible to accept credit card transactions through your organization’s websites as well as through mobile apps. With this technology, you can accept one-time contributions or set donors up for monthly contributions in seconds.

Once the system is in place, the ways it can be used to solicit contributions are seemingly endless. Imagine being able to add a scan-able QR code to signage and mailings that allows people to donate right from their tablets or smartphones or being able to add a direct link to contributions to social media posts or email blasts.

With mobile terminals, NFC technology, and integrated payments, nonprofits like yours are making it easier for donors to support their causes. Click here to learn more about non-profit payment technologies from goEmerchant.